Vitamin C Powder

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Vitamin C Powder

Vitamin C Powder | Select Balance Supplements

A high-potency concentrated multi-nutrient powder designed to support the adrenal and energy systems, connective tissues, healing, and a healthy allergy response.  This formula is easy to take and contains NO additives, sugar, or colorings.  It includes vitamin C as well as other nutrients such as glycine, niacinamide, magnesium, calcium, potassium, lysine, cysteine and bioflavonoids.  Excellent for children and the elderly who have difficulty swallowing pills.   ‡

How to do a Vitamin C Flush (Perque directions)

•  A healthy person begins with a level half-teaspoon dissolved in 1-2 ounces of water or diluted juice every 15 minutes.

•  A moderately healthy person begins with 1 teaspoon every 15 minutes.

•  A person in ill health begins with 2 teaspoons every 15 minutes.

•  If after four doses the re is no gurgling or rumbling in the gut, you should double the initial dosageand continue every 15 minutes.

Continue with these instructions at the proper time intervals until you reach a watery stool or an enema-like evacuation of liquid from the rectum. This is as if a quart or so of liquid is expressed from the rectum. CAUTION : Do not stop at loose stool. You want to energize the body to “flush out” toxins and reduce the risk that they may recirculate and induce problems. At this time, stop consuming the buffered ascorbate for the day. HOWEVER, if your calibration dosage is more than 50 grams of vitamin C, you should consume a dosage of vitamin C of at least 10% of the total l-ascorbate need to induce the l-ascorbate calibration “flush” in the later afternoon or evening. Many people find that preparing a “batch” of ascorbate allows for easier, more timely consumption of the beverage rather than making up a new batch at each interval. Example: 30 grams (10 teaspoons) may be dissolved in 10-20 ounces of liquid. If this method is chosen, we recommend using a capped, dark bottle to avoid air or light (photo-) oxidation of the ascorbate. Dissolved ascorbate is stable for a day if kept cool or cold and tightly sealed.

Changing Ascorbate Need

As you become healthier, the ascorbate is used more efficiently and is better conserved in your body and less ascorbate will be needed to achieve the desired effect. As your need for ascorbate decreases, you may notice loosening of the stool indicating that your body is consuming ascorbate more efficiently and your need has decreased. That is the time to taper ascorbate intake. As you become familiar with your body’s responses, your need for and best timing of ascorbate is likely to become clear through direct experience with this protocol.

Daily Consumption of Ascorbate after Calibration (C Cleanse )

Between calibrations, consume 75% of the total ascorbate you need to induce the flush. You may use ascorbate as a liquid, tablet, or a capsule taking two to four or more doses per day. The usual sufficiency need for a person in a state of good health is 2-10 grams/day.

Outcome of Ascorbate Flush

Many people report a subjective sense of improved well-being after the completion of an ascorbate calibration. This may be of short duration, initially, but is a promising sign for long-term improvement. As toxins are eliminated from the body and as it is energized through the action of the ascorbate, you should feel progressively better for longer periods of time.

Repeat of Ascorbate Calibration

For most rapid progress, once per week is recommended. You select the frequency that meets your needs. Repair deficits increase ascorbate needs over time until a consistent dose of vitamin C is maintained. Discuss with your practitioner the right frequency for you.

Supplement Facts


Manufactured in a US FDA inspected facility. GMP Compliant. 
‡ These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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    Great to mix with anything

    Posted by Beth H on Feb 23rd 2022

    I bought this for my husband and teenager. They LOVE it! They are able to mix it with water or other drinks and not worry about a citrus taste. Great alternative to capsules for us.