• Detoxing Green Coffee Grounds

    Enema Coffee Beans | Organic Green Coffee for Enemas Select Balance imports organic green coffee beans from our partners in Central and South America. We use single source coffee to maintain our standards of providing the highest quality. Many coffee...

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  • Select Balance

    Liver Detox

    Liver Detox Support for people undergoing a major detox, or people with liver cancer or hepatitis Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), 300 mg, twice daily; Selenium, 200 mcg, twice daily; and Silymarin (Milk Thistle), 300 mg per day. The goal of this combination of...

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  • Detoxing Enema Kit

    Select Balance

    Organic Coffee Enema Detox Kit

    Organic Coffee Enema Detox Kit | Coffee Enemas This Detoxing Enema Kit by Select Balance is the perfect starter kit for anyone wanting to try out enemas (especially coffee enemas)! We developed these after we started regularly doing them ourselves...

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