Salivary Hormone Test Kit - Sex Hormones + Adrenal/Cortisol Function

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Salivary Hormone Test Kit - Sex Hormones + Adrenal/Cortisol Function

Salivary Hormone Test Kit - Sex Hormones + Adrenal/Cortisol Function

This test kit provides testing for adrenal/cortisol function and sex hormones that can be out of balance in many stages of life, for men and women.

This test is similar to the Sex hormone test kit accept it adds 4 cortisol levels to see how the adrenals are functioning in a.m., noon, evening and bedtime. When someone wakes up tired, is tired all day long, crashes in afternoon or gets a burst of energy before bed, they can have adrenal-cortical hypofunction. Addressing this and treating the adrenals is a life changer for my patients. 

For women in high school that have irregular periods, acne, mood disorders, painful periods, FATIGUE and more

For women trying to conceive these hormone labs can help determine need for supplementation prior to conception and during conception.

For women postpartum that are experiencing depression, anxiety or other hormonal related symptoms.

For women in perimenopause or menopause that have hot flashes, changing of skin/hair/nails, vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, low libido, lack of muscle tone, decreased bone density, mood changes, and more. 

For Men - Any age if experiencing fatigue, inability to gain muscle mass, prostate health prevention, bone health, cardiovascular protection (related to low testosterone), low libido and more. Men around 30's, start losing testosterone, which has a lot of implications on bone and cardiovascular health (among many other things).

This test tests for: Progesterone, Estradiol, Progesterone/Estrogen Ratio, Testosterone, DHEA-S

It will help give a better understanding on deficiencies and corrections can be made with bioidentical hormone cream, lozenges, capsules, injections and other means. 

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    Saved my Adrenals

    Posted by Ashley N. on Jan 5th 2020

    A few years ago I started getting tired. First it was crashing after I ate lunch and then it progressed to feeling tired all day. I was working full time, a full time mother of 3 and it was hard to keep everything going. My main doctor told me I was depressed, but I knew I wasn't. I was JUST TIRED. So I got a test kit and worked with Stephanie. It changed my life. Not only were my adrenals in "phase 2" exhaustion, my progesterone and DHEA levels were almost non-existent as well. I started taking Adrenal Cortex along with bioidentical hormone supplementation and within a few weeks my fatigue was significantly improved. It took around 3-6 months to go through full treatment but I felt better starting that second week and it has sustained (without supplements or meds) since. I'm so happy I did this test!