Insulin + Triglyceride Support

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Insulin + Triglyceride Support - Select Balance Products

Insulin + Triglyceride Support | Select Balance Supplements |

Insulin + Triglyceride Support is an effective combination of bergamot fruit extract, guggul resin, and policosanol designed to support metabolism and circulation.

With regular use, Insulin + Triglyceride Support may help:

  • Maintain triglycerides within a normal range

  • Support healthy insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism

  • Preserve normal endothelial and platelet function

  • Provide antioxidant protection from free radicals

  • Promote cardiovascular health and circulation

Bergamot - This citrus fruit contains polyphenols called brutieridine and melitidine that can inhibit cholesterol production and improve insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance.

Guggul - This resin from the guggul tree has guggulsterones which may enhance insulin signaling, improve lipid metabolism, and provide an antioxidant effect.

Policosanol -Derived from plant waxes, this compound can help normalize platelet function and support healthy blood flow.


Directions: Take 1 cap 3x/day with meals.